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Planetary gears

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Planetary gears Empty Planetary gears

Post  landoo Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:04 am

For the first time in their history, planetary gear systems from Matex Products Inc. combine small size, lightweight, quietness and affordability into a speed reducer that can be used in a multitude of industrial and consumer product applications.
Matex has created a module design with significant improvements over conventional planetary gears by adding a roller-and-ring mechanism that lowers the gear's cost and provides unheard-of drive efficiency at multiple stages of reduction.
Low cost: Costs are lower because high precision tooth cutting required by conventional planetary gears is unnecessary.
High efficiency: The module design ensures that the planets in the Matex gearset always share equal loads, resulting in 98% efficiency at a single reduction and minimal heat loss and noise. For each additional reduction step, efficiency loss is only about 3%.


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