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what is fish bolt

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what is fish bolt Empty what is fish bolt

Post  landoo Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:38 pm

Fish bolt is a type of railway fastener, which is always used togeter with fishplate. A fish bolt has a split end; embedded in concrete, or the like, for use as an anchor. It is mostly used for connecting the rail joint bars (fish plate) in the railway system. In rail terminology, a fishplate, splice bar or joint bar is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a track. The name is derived from fish, a wooden bar with a curved profile used to strengthen a ship's mast. The top and bottom edges are tapered inwards so the device wedges itself between the top and bottom of the rail when it is bolted into place. In rail transport modelling, a fishplate is often a small copper or nickel silver plate that slips onto both rails to provide the functions of maintaining alignment and electrical continuity. Sometimes it is also replaced by hexagon bolt.

Fish bolt has a very wide range of applications in our life. Fish bolt is mainly used in the tracking laying of metallurgical industry, coking industry, and steel industry.

Fish bolt with the following model: Φ14 × 70 Φ16 × 75, Φ18 * 90, Φ20 × 90, Φ22 × 135 Φ24 × 135, Φ24 × 145, Φ24 × 170. Mostly are formed by friction press thermoforming, with buckle length 50mm. Some are formed by cold heading. Material includes Q235 and 45 # steel and insulation fishtail bolt.


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