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Uses of Corner Brace

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Uses of Corner Brace Empty Uses of Corner Brace

Post  oscar0912 Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:05 am

Corner braces are elements used to decorate and protect corner joints in woodworking. Corner braces, corbels and angle brackets are basically the same product for the same function. Corner braces are usually one-part support for fixing support under, top or on side of a cantilever arm. Corner braces can also be used to strengthen rail constructions. Corner braces are usually made of brass or steel.

The corners of timber constructions and furniture are susceptible to impact damage and structural failure. The use of corner braces can eliminate these weaknesses. The use of corner braces is a common practice in the construction and cabinet-making industries.

Corner braces can be divided into two categories: external and internal corner braces. External corner brace is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture, crates and cartons. External braces are usually made of decorative metals, and often feature ornate embellishments or engraving. While internal braces serve as a structural strengthening measure to prevent the corner joint from collapsing.


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