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Wooden pattern foundry molds!

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Wooden pattern foundry molds! Empty Wooden pattern foundry molds!

Post  maggie Mon May 09, 2011 9:46 am

There are hundreds of pattern molds for making concrete walkways and a rainbow of colorants that can be added to concrete mix or used to stain the hardened concrete. Molds come in two types. With the first type the mold is placed, concrete is poured into it and surfaced and then the mold is removed leaving the pattern. The second type requires a patterned mold be pressed into the surface at the very end of the finishing process. Colorants come in liquid and powder form and are usually added into the mix or toweled into the top layer. Stains are used after the concrete has cured
Besides that there are also have decorative wood patterns they were hand crafted by expert industrial craftsmen of yesteryear. The pattern maker was the "artist" of the industry. First was the dream, then the drawing (blue print), then the wood pattern, then the metal casting to be machined to the finished product. The wood pattern had to be made to strict tolerances else the finished product would be off thus scraped. This is what makes these patterns so beautiful; they were made to precision the old fashioned timely way! They were not massed produced but one of a kind! In addition to these pattern molds the winning bidder will receive a four page history of the Norwalk Company which opened its doors in 1864 and is still in operation today.
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