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good harvest in 2010

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good harvest in 2010 Empty good harvest in 2010

Post  lilyqianweiku Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:55 pm

Spring is coming ,that means a new year is beginning, new life is under moist soil,waiting to grow up,it is a wonderful time yearly.
Last year ,i have my baby in may,the comfortable time in the whole year,also ,it is the hardest time in my life,I never undertook such a difficult time with caring new baby .every day would be busy,fortunately,we employed a good aunt ,having lots of spare time ,help my mother and me to care baby,since her help,I have less time to do my own business,such as surfing the internet ,watch movies or find a new find a new job is very important to me this year,there are two particular reasons for me to job-hopping ,the first reason is my shrinking salary,I didn't satisfy with my salary all the time,especially,my baby brings large spending now,the last reason is my job site is so far from my home,I have to take two hours for one way everyday,although I return to work for a period of time,my brain seems not be very clear now and energy is not enough to totally develop myself in a new environment,facing such situation,I felt tired sometimes ,on the other side ,my daughter give me much courage to make a progress for my family.


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