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The method to Change an Air Conditioner Filter

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The method to Change an Air Conditioner Filter Empty The method to Change an Air Conditioner Filter

Post  sophia11 Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:54 am

Now in most of your residential homes, your air filters are going to be located in your return air, which is usually right by your thermostat. So to change your filter you want to open this grill up and there's usually a couple of fasteners here at the top, you just simply rotate these out and pull down the grill and then you can pull the filter out.

Learn about the different kinds of air filters to use for an air conditioner machine, such as high-efficiency filters and fiberglass filters, in this free video from a home repair specialist on maintaining and fixing houses. Now in some cases you may have a central air conditioning system that actually has the filters located in the unit itself. So that might be the one exception. You can always consult your owners’ manual to find out exactly where those filters are.


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