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Something about Soft sealing gate valve

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Something about Soft sealing gate valve Empty Something about Soft sealing gate valve

Post  sophia11 Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:48 am

Soft sealing gate valve is in the bag on the rubber, or embedded in the body on the sealing rubber. With anti-corrosion, good sealing performance characteristics such as commonly used in the corrosive liquid with a pipe or a relatively, high demand on the sealing of gas pipeline.
Soft sealing gate valve has the following characteristics:
1, product Connector less steel overall good.
2, closure speed.
3, opening limit agency convenience, flexibility, precision.
4, compact body, beautiful shape.
5, simple operation, low power, easy maintenance.
6, fluid resistance small, the sealing surface by the erosion of small media.
7, medium flow unrestricted, non-spoiler, do not reduce the pressure.


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