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Automatic-Transmission Gearboxes

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Automatic-Transmission Gearboxes Empty Automatic-Transmission Gearboxes

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Automatic-Transmission Gearboxes
Torque converter Automatic-transmission gearboxes are similar to manual gearboxes except that the transmission system automatically selects the appropriate gear without any involvement from the driver. Automatic gearboxes use a hydraulic system to detect the pressure of fluids in the engine and select the appropriate gear based on this pressure. An automatic-transmission gearbox uses a torque converter rather than a clutch to engage the sliding gear. The torque converter is placed between the engine and the transmission, with one end connected to the engine's drive shaft and the other end connected to the gearbox's drive shaft. The torque converter transfers power from the engine to the gearbox and selects the appropriate gear based on the fluid pressure within the engine. Faster rotations of the engine's drive shaft lead to higher pressure, which causes the transmission to select a higher gear.


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