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The main features of the gearbox casing

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The main features of the gearbox casing Empty The main features of the gearbox casing

Post  happy Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:50 am

The main features of the gearbox casing
Gearbox casing is a part of Gearbox.gearbox casing main purpose is to auto parts products.
The main features of the gearbox casing are as follows´╝Ü
1, the advantages of coaxial helical geared motors, compact structure, small size, beautiful shape, strong overload capacity to withstand.
2. The transmission level the score fine, select a wide range of speed-based spectral width.
3, low energy consumption, superior performance and efficiency than nine percent reducer XVI vibration and low noise.
4, versatility, easy maintenance, low maintenance, especially in the production line, just within a few spare parts to ensure that the entire transmission line maintenance of normal production.
5, using a new sealing device to protect the performance, adaptability to the environment can be corrosive, moisture and other harsh environment of continuous work.
6, this series may be granted with common Y series, Y2 series, lifting motors, explosion-proof motors, brake motors, variable frequency motors, DC motors, special motors, and other outdoor motor unit of the Company through the MB-type step less composed of variable speed transmission gear motors, to meet a variety of different uses


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