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Diesel generator smoking causes

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Diesel generator smoking causes Empty Diesel generator smoking causes

Post  optimus Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:59 pm

Diesel engine exhaust smoke wh3en burning diesel is not sufficiently, below high temperature circumstance with exhaust the carbonaceous decomposition of eduction phenomenon. Exhaust smoke wh3en, not only reduces the engine power, increased diesel consumption, and easy formed coke, shorten the engine service life. The following reasons:
One, fresh air cylinder shortage
Reason: (1) the air filter filter dust overmuch, (2) muffler rust, coke or stains. (3) inlet and outlet valve clearance is too great, make the valve opening decreases, (4) instruments mechanism parts loose, wear, deformation, camshaft gears and crankshaft timing gears relative position change, valve opening and closing time is not correct.
Second, cylinder compression end temperature and pressure decline reasons:
(1) cylinder piston, piston rings wear overmuch, not installed correctly or lose flexibility cause cylinder leak, (2) valve clearance is too small, hot car yi was propped, or valve ablation catalyst caused cylinder seal lax, (3) cylinder head and body, injectors with cylinder-head joints airtight, (4) valve serious caved in, piston and piston pins, piston pins and connecting rod small head, this big-end and connecting rod shaft neck large clearance, make the combustion chamber volume increases, compression ratio drops.
Three, diesel atomization adverse
Reason: (1) the injector pressure adjustment low; (2) injector pressure regulating spring break off or hairpin, (3) injector needle valve and seat coke, needle valve card sluggish or wear over-depriving; (4) fuel oil valve decompression band worn out, so that the injector over-depriving drops of oil.
Four, injection time and injection quantity is not correct
Reason is: (1) injection time too late, (2) starting early, gas pressure and temperature is lower, injection time premature, (3) fuel injection pump plunger accidentally cource after increasing oil-supplied travel use; (4) fuel rods or adjust lever trip excessive tooth, so that the amo。


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