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the housing problem

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the housing problem Empty the housing problem

Post  lilyqianweiku Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:49 am

The shortage of housing is one of the most serious problems facing many big citeis in China. Though the government has spent a large sum of money on housing, the investment has produced little financial return and a housing shortage still persists. Two generations sharing one room and newly-married couples finding it difficult to have a house of their own are still common cases. Housing shortage is a problem that requires and urgent solution.
  People's attitudes towards the solution to the housing problem are different. Some suggest to build more high-rise apartments; others believe to develop underground housing areas. I am in favor of the former opinion. For one thing, it is cheaper to build above ground than below. For another, living underground for a long time will do harm to people's health. Above all, people are unwilling to live underground with artificial lighting and they prefer to live above ground to enjoy the sunshine.
  Although there may be some other ways to solve the housing shortage problem, I believe to build more high-rise apartments is one of the promising solutions to the housing problem.


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