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butterfly regulator valve

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butterfly regulator valve  Empty butterfly regulator valve

Post  seekvalve Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:14 am

A butterfly valve is a valve which can be used for isolating or regulating flow. T308s multi-blade butterfly regulator valve is one type of the butterfly valve, butterfly regulator valves are extensively used in dusty cold or hot gas pipes of aeration or environmental protection projects in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction materials, power stations, glass industry etc, especially used in inlets or outlets for wind adjusting or shutting off settings so as to reduce startup moment, and it can match with various final controlling element to compose settings with different performances.

The characteristic of the Butterfly Regulator Valve is valve body and valve plate of this valve is welded by high quality carbon steel or stainless steel. It has simple structure, small fluid resistance, small weight, agile running, long service life and it’s convenient to be operated and maintained.

The install and use of the Butterfly Regulator Valve can be summarized as: (1) handle structure: groove is carved in top of square toes showed up by valve stem, if it is pulled clockwise, the groove is parallel with the pipeline and the valve is turned on, it is turned off inversely; (2) in manual operation of gear or electric ones, no lengthening of the extension bar is allowed. Turn the handle clockwise to turn on the valve and to turn off inversely; (3) this valve can be assembled horizontally or vertically, but the valve axes should be in horizontal position. Transmission setting can not be used for hoisting and hit is forbidden; (4) regarding technical parameters of electric operating mechanism and connection principle drawing, please check "instruction of electric operating mechanism";(5) If any accessory is needed, please note ( servo amplifier, electric operator, control box, attached flange etc. ).


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