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Check valve Empty Check valve

Post  haoshi Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:52 pm

Check valve, also known as a one-way valve or check valves. Pipeline used to prevent reflux of a fluid valve. So pipeline fluid can only make one-way flow of fluid when the clock back, the flap valve can be shut down automatically to prevent backflow.
Check valves are often used with some types of pumps. Piston-driven and diaphragm pumps such as metering pumps and pumps for chromatography commonly use inlet and outlet ball check valves. These valves often look like small cylinders attached to the pump head on the inlet and outlet lines. Many similar pump-like mechanisms for moving volumes of fluids around use check valves such as ball check valves.
The female type are primarily intended for backflow protection from flexible hoses and are usually fitted between the servicing valve (or tap) and a hose. These valves can quickly be fitted.Welcome to our website to see more information on related products female
check valve


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