Powder coating line VS conventional liquid coating line

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Powder coating line VS conventional liquid coating line

Post  kk123 on Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:16 am

1.The thermal bonding process used in powder coating results in a more durable finish than conventional wet spray painting.  As the part cures, a seamless coating is locked in place.
2.Challenging areas, such as the sharp edges of fabricated parts, are easy to cover with powder coating.
3.Specialized finishes and specialty effects, such as veining, that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with wet painting are often easily accomplished with powder coating
4.The major components of a powder coating line generally cost the same or less than the equipment used in conventional liquid lines.
5.The costs of fuel and electricity required for operating a powder coating line are generally much less than the costs incurred when operating a liquid line.
As a result, it is cheaper, easier, faster and safer to rework parts that have obvious application errors.


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