Powder coating line-advantages of powder coating process

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Powder coating line-advantages of powder coating process

Post  kk123 on Wed Aug 28, 2013 3:22 am

Compared with traditional painting process, powder coating-powder coating line has the following advantages:

1, high efficiency.

As powder coat film is made one-time for all, it can improve the productivity rate for 30 to 40 percent.

energy saving. It can reduce energy consumption for about 30%
3, few pollution

There is no organic solvent volatilization. In other words, it do not contain harmful gas such as toluene, xylene in the paint.
4, high utilization rate of coating material
It can reach more than 95% and the powder can be repeatedly used after recycling.

5, good coating performance
The one-time film is thick enough, up to 50-80μm, to have better adhesion and corrosion resistance than paint coating.

6, high yield
It can be sprayed or coated one more time before curing.


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